Meet the Team

Taylor Hamzy PA-C, BC-ADM

Chief Strategy Officer

Taylor is a leader in value-based healthcare. Before joining Care2U, Taylor served as the VP of Clinical Innovation for the IPA NY, one of the largest and fastest-growing independent physician associations in NY, where he fostered deep relationships with payors and developed a variety of processes and programs to drive quality outcomes and improve population health. Taylor is a co-founder and former CEO of the Remote Patient Monitoring and Diabetes Education and Nutrition company Glucose Guards, where he developed proprietary learning management and remote patient monitoring software accessed by thousands of patients across the country. He is published by the American Heart Association for his research on the gut microbiome as it relates to hypertension and has co-authored a Diabetes Self-management and Education curriculum spanning over 150 topics that is recognized by the American Diabetes Association. He is a graduate of the Baylor College of Medicine PA program and is board certified in advanced diabetes management. Taylor joins the Care2U team with extensive business and clinical experience treating patients and developing programs across various specialties, including family medicine, emergency medicine, and endocrinology. During the first COVID peak in NYC, Taylor led an early COVID discharge and Emergency telehealth initiative for NYC Health and Hospital System and oversaw a team of over 30 medical providers that responded to incoming 911 and 311 calls to assist with on-demand treatment and ambulance triage when wait times were at their peak. Taylor has a passion for academia and has precepted, lectured, and written exam questions for multiple PA programs across the country. He served as a medical film consultant for the MTV and Paramount + featured documentary, The Fire That Took Her, which tells the story of Judy Malinowski, who, after being set on fire by her ex-boyfriend, became the first woman to testify in her own murder trial. He is an avid traveler, writer, musician, and nature enthusiast. 

Care2U bills your insurance provider directly and many often have reduced copayments/deductibles compared to traditional inpatient admissions, but coverage may vary by payor and plan.