Staten Island

The Highest-Quality Home Medical Care in Staten Island

For patients in Staten Island facing acute illnesses or requiring post-hospitalization care, Care2U provides a comprehensive solution. This revolutionary concept brings hospital-level treatment directly to their homes. Patients can now receive high-quality, physician-led, hospital-level medical care in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. These services are designed to prevent unnecessary ER visits, post-hospital stays in skilled nursing facilities, and avoidable re-hospitalizations. Care2U's innovative home medical care model provides an optimized site of care tailored to improve outcomes while reducing costs.


24/7 Access to Emergency Medicine Expertise

When patients require urgent or emergent medical attention outside of a regular medical office, Care2U's on-demand services ensure they receive prompt care. Thanks to revolutionary technology, Care2U’s team of hospitalists and physicians will arrive at the home within 48 hours to provide an evaluation and treatment for the patient without leaving home. Your patients gain 24/7 access to Care2U's command center staffed by experienced emergency medicine physicians ready to deploy mobile teams or initiate telemedicine consultations within a 2-hour response time.


Home Hospital Care

For patients who meet the required criteria for observation or in-home medical care admission, Care2U's Hospitalists provide acute care services. The advanced medical care replicates the clinical capabilities of a hospital setting right in the patients' homes. A multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive home care medical treatment plans that may include:

  • Rapid in-home evaluation by an advanced practice provider
  • STAT lab testing with results available bedside
  • Diagnostic imaging (X-ray, ultrasound, echocardiogram)
  • Cardiac monitoring (EKGs)
  • IV medication administration and IV fluid therapy
  • Home oxygen/respiratory therapy and nebulizer treatments
  • Remote patient monitoring with continuous oversight
  • Home health aide support for daily living
  • Daily medical summaries provided to PCP or specialist


Avoiding the Healthcare Gap: Daily Healthcare Coordination

Throughout each period of home care and treatment, Care2U prioritizes integration with the patient’s primary care practice or specialist to optimize the patient's treatment. Patient and physician remain connected through:

  • Detailed intake reports reviewing presenting symptoms and medical history.
  • Periodic clinical status updates with in-home exam findings and treatment plans.
  • Real-time access to Care2U's Physicians and Hospitalists for collaborative case management.
  • Coordinated post-acute care handoff planning with home health or facility providers.


Home Medical Care Cost Advantages

In addition to the clinical benefits of providing advanced home care medical services, Care2U's model helps reduce overall healthcare costs through:

  • Decreased unnecessary ER visits and preventable inpatient admissions.
  • Reduced risk of healthcare-acquired infections like C. diff or MRSA.
  • Streamlined discharge process and transitional care management.
  • Lower out-of-pocket costs for patients compared to hospital admissions.


A Patient-Centered Experience

Perhaps most importantly, home medical care enables patients to heal in the comfortable, low-stress environment of their own homes surrounded by family and loved ones – an experience proven to foster better outcomes. Care2U's services are covered by most major payors with reduced patient cost-sharing when compared to traditional inpatient stays.

By partnering with Care2U, patients in Staten Island get access to an innovative care model that delivers hospital-level treatment directly to their homes. Browse the full range of home care medical services and enlist Care2U as an extension of your practice today.