Care2U Brings Urgent Care at Home to Freeport

When patients in Freeport require urgent medical treatment, they can now receive comprehensive care where it is needed most – in the comfort of their own homes. This revolution in the healthcare space helps prevent unnecessary ER visits and rehospitalizations. Patients who work with Care2U receive an advanced urgent care at-home model that is equipped to handle a wide range of acute conditions. These patients gain access to hospital-level diagnostics and treatment plans carried out by an experienced clinical team, all without leaving their homes. 


Rapid In-Home Evaluation 

When facing the transition from hospital to home, or at the first signs of an urgent health issue, you may recommend or may patients simply make a single call to deploy Care2U's mobile providers to their home. Within two hours, an advanced practice clinician will arrive to conduct a thorough in-home evaluation assessing symptoms and determining the appropriate level of care needed. This includes physical exams, medication reviews, and the ability to order diagnostic tests or imaging studies, such as at-home X-rays or ultrasounds.


Comprehensive Diagnostic Capabilities  

Care2U's teams, whether in-hospital, in transit, or at home, all come equipped with the latest portable medical technologies to provide your patients convenient access to advanced diagnostics, avoiding additional facility visits. Available in-home urgent care services include:


  • At-home lab draws with real-time results delivery
  • 12-lead EKG monitoring 
  • COVID-19 and respiratory pathogen testing
  • Point-of-care testing for conditions like flu, strep, UTIs
  • Mobile at-home X-ray capabilities and ultrasound imaging
  • And much more


With these capabilities, Care2U can rapidly pinpoint the cause of the patient's symptoms and create an effective treatment plan, in conjunction with the patient’s primary care doctors or specialists to be managed and executed in their home.


Acute Treatment Pathways

Care2U's urgent care at-home scope of services goes far beyond a basic, introductory evaluation. The clinical team can work directly with Care2U's physicians and Hospitalists to execute a wide range of acute treatment plans, including but not limited to:


  • Intravenous fluid/medication administration
  • Respiratory treatments and oxygen therapy 
  • Wound care and dressing changes
  • Mobile imaging-guided procedures
  • Post-op care and monitoring
  • Illness management (flu, COVID-19, etc.)


Regular, timely physician oversight allows for continuous care escalation, should your patient's condition worsen and higher-acuity services are required.


Streamlined Care Coordination

Throughout the work of providing urgent, ambulatory care at home, Care2U prioritizes transparent communication and integrated care coordination with your practice:


  • Detailed initial intake handoff notes
  • Regular home visit notes and updates on clinical status
  • Direct provider-to-provider collaboration with Care2U's physicians
  • Warm handoffs for transitional care service admissions 


Your patients receive continuous, cohesive care under your guidance - not fragmented, confusing, or impersonal experiences.


The Future of Urgent Care Delivery

By partnering with Care2U's urgent care at-home program, you give your patients in Freeport access to an innovative care model utilizing the latest mobile technologies and clinical practices. This comprehensive approach leads to improved outcomes through early intervention, enhanced patient experiences by allowing recovery in familiar environments, and reduced healthcare costs from prevented ER visits and rehospitalizations.


Partner with Care2U to provide Freeport patients with convenient, high-acuity, hospital-level care services in their homes today. The future of healthcare delivery is here, with Care2U.